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ring blower Vacuum air pump
Model:2HR 510-7AA11
Weight Approx:21kg
Maximum Airflow:210m³/h
Rated Vacwum:-160mbar
Rated pressure:160mbar
Discharging valve/filter:RV-01/mf-16
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Product Details

Single stage single phase side channel air blower

HR  series side channel blowers with their high inlet volume flow up to 2500m³/h and a differ entail pressure 
up to 780mbar, they are reliable, low-maintenance and durable and are the first choice for many applications. 
When used with a frequency converter together, the performance can be increased considerably 2HR series 
side channel blower feature voltage range motors for 50HZ and 60HZ in protection class IP55(insulation class 
F),the 2XB series side channel blower can be used without any modifications or tests in Europe, America and 
Asia.Centrifugal circulation design, high pressure, big wind power, air amortize design,even lower noise, 
lubricate without oil design, purer air, high efficiency, big range collocate, and long time use.

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