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FN Series Swimming pool ABS Plastic wate…
Max flow(m):18-22
Port Size(mm):6./2.0"
Warranty:one year
Motor:100% Copper Wire
Feature:Long Life
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Product Details

FN feature: 
Anti-rust crust can stop water penetrating the engine. Enough power, high head, big flux and high efficient circulation. Smaller noise and run quietly. The pump cover bears high airtight preventing the leaking. The main part of the pump is made of special plastic which is anti-high or low temperature so it is durable .Convenient to handle, easy to maintain, with the supplying of spare parts. 
Application: SPA, sauna, swimming pool, water treatment.

    Model    Voltage      KW      HP    Hmax(m)   Qmax(m³/h)   Motor Speed  Port Size(mm)
 FN-200  220V/380V/50Hz      1.5      2.0       18       35     2800      63/2.0"
 FN/FCN-300  220V/380V/50Hz      2.2   
     3.0      20       40     2800      63/2.0"
 FN-350  380V/50Hz      2.6      3.5      20       43     2800  63/75  2.0"/2.5" 
 FN-400  380V/50Hz      3.0      4.0      21       50     2800  63/75  2.0"/2.5"
 FN-550  380V/50Hz      4.0      5.5      22       60     2800      75/2.5"
 FN-750  380V/50Hz      5.5      7.5      22       75     2800      75/2.5"

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